Elizabeth Curtis

wellness on the road

Elizabeth Curtis
wellness on the road


Two years ago I was working in the fashion industry and I was lucky enough to travel. But travel and working combined usually ended up being eighteen hour days, seven days a week, on different time zones and eating the cheapest thing on the room service menu or a cheese and ham baguette on the Eurostar. After many years of this lifestyle I became very ill with M.E (Chronic Fatigue) and I decided I had to leave my job,  change my direction and live a more conscious way of life. This is when I found yoga and the lifestyle that surrounds. 

After sometime allowing my body to rebalance and recover, I decided I wanted to leave London and travel. My only doubt I had was wellness. How I would sustain my daily routine that had been so incredibly helpful? 

Three months in to my eight (and ever growing) month trip I have had ups and downs. Two weeks bed ridden after visiting Varanasi wasn’t pleasant. Wandering around Asia has been the most incredible experience, however a new place to call home each week has also been depleting on my energy . Wellness whilst travelling is something I am learning as I go along.

A few things I have adopted so far...

Have a morning routine

Creating a morning routine has been something I've unconsciously done. At home i would always start the day with a lemon and ginger tea which is full of antioxidants and wakes up your metabolism, something i have easily been able to order in any country! 

Try to move everyday

Every day I spend some time on my yoga mat. Even if I don't do a full hours flow, I make sure I'm moving my body even for fifteen minutes. It doesn't have to be yoga, running through an unknown area first thing in the morning can be exhilarating! Also I have always found bicycles are free to rent across Asia, or nothing beats a hike or walking through a new place. 


Spend an hour everyday to yourself. I am travelling with my boyfriend, sometimes I need some time alone to read a book, go for a walk or meditate. 

Listen to your body

This is the most important one! At first I felt guilty if we missed a place or had a day lazing around when we had planned to explore. If your body needs to rest then slow the pace. Its actually turned out better for us as we have ended up spending more time in a place and really getting to know it. That being said...

Don’t feel guilty

Overnight buses and trains are long and tiring and generally you aren’t always going to find the best food. Don’t feel guilty if you reach for the nearest thing to eat! Try to rebalance the next day. If you can take nuts, protein bars or dried fruits with you instead. Rest when your body needs too. 


Its really easy to forget to drink water when your busy all day. I have a reusable drink flask (preferably BPA free) that I try to fill up with filtered water every morning if our hotel has it available. If not buy a large bottle of water and keep filling up! 

Eat Fresh and locally

There is fresh fruit and vegetables everywhere in Asia, to be safe pick ones you can peel yourself. Eat in the local food markets, the food is as fresh as can get, usually made infant of you. Some of the best food I have eaten has been from a street vendor. 


Its easy to get ill whilst travelling, probiotics will give you gut-friendly bacteria may help quicken recovery.. I take Optibac for travelling abroad as they can survive in the heat without being refrigerated. You can get natural probiotics from Yogurt, Kefir, Miso, Kimchi, Saurkraut and if your really lucky you might find Kombucha (so far apart from India I have struggled with the latter!) 


Coconut water! Anywhere in Asia you can get a fresh coconut for no more than fifty pence. Even better if you haven't been very well!